When planning a domestic trip I refer to a brochure of a travel agency.

Before I plan a domestic trip .

Before I plan a domestic trip ... I always search various things on the internet. Find the place you like or the place you care about and find something more dense and search for information and decide in your mind Directly to the bookstore! It is! I will buy the luggage for the land at the book store! It is! Would you buy a roughly roughly? Is it? Reading books increases the desire to go further. Things I Want to Eat in a Book !! What I Wish to See !! We will also select places to purchase souvenirs etc and plan a plan. Then the course will be decided smoothly! It is! Where to see and what to eat lunch, what to do more Dinner is here! It is! To say it! Then it will be a very enjoyable journey. You can freely plan a plaque, but planning with a slightly relaxed schedule is a waste of time and you can enjoy a lot of efficiency efficiently! It is! Is it better to have more time to buy souvenirs? I am a type that is overwhelmed by being lost and ww so now it's time to search anything on the net so the information on the net is a very convenient and important thing for me.
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