When planning a domestic trip I refer to a brochure of a travel agency.


understood. Well then, continuing from last time, I will tell you about the travel plan when I go motorcycle motorcycle from Shikoku to Tokyo without using the highway and the first line of Tsunodani national highway, No.2, anyway, how many kilometers I can run a day There is also a thing depending on the tone, it is decided only for the period of two weeks of the whole process and after a while I went quite carelessly, so I doubt whether it can be called a plan or not, but the information source that was still useful is "" ""It is. At the time there was no net, but certainly ""buying cheap and good accommodation nationwide"" buys a book, when it is not likely to run another day, deciding in this book whether the accommodation will not walk around , That is, a momentary person who plans on the verge of staying. ""Banbukuen"" of Lake Hamanako who stayed at first was good. Ryokan and inn, there was a similar name, but to my cheaper one. A grandmother who seemed to be a good person cut out, and the size and amount of clams in miso soup served for breakfast, it was such a volume that I saw an eye out. If I am still alive now, I guess it is probably about 120 years old. Anyway, although the net is also nice, there may be any happening in the journey. Be sure to take one book of the guidebook as an information source. There are still places in the country that do not have a net yet. Rather than being a precious trip, it would be better if you forget the net. that's all.
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